Follow E-Mail - Change My E-Mail Address

To change your e-mail address, please send an email to RE/MAX, LLC at stating the address you'd like to have. If the requested address is compliant and available eCare will change it for you, and write back confirming the change. email addresses are an agent's first and last name. Or, nickname and last name. 

Changing a email address also changes your Mainstreet, MAX/Center username, as well as your Agent Key for your branded mobile app. 

The email address may take 30-60 minutes to become active. If you test your new email address and receive a bounce message, please try again in 30 minutes. Your previous email address will no longer be active and will return a bounce message for any email sent to it. RE/MAX, LLC is only able to provide one email address per Mainstreet account.

Click here to see the guidelines for e-mail addresses.


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