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Every RE/MAX Agent has the ability to customize the free RE/MAX App, available for Apple and Android devices, with their own personal branding. Your face, name, and contact information will greet them each and every time they access this property search tool! By doing so, you will be providing a valuable home search tool to your clients, and the App will also act as your own personal lead generator! Branding your RE/MAX App is easy to set up and a great way to stay in contact with current buyers. Here’s how! 

There are two simple ways to have the RE/MAX mobile app branded to you, the agent. If a customer already has the RE/MAX mobile app downloaded, follow Option 1 below. If the consumer does not have the app or you'd like to start marketing the app for consumers to download, follow option 2. 

Option 1: Enter Your Agent Key

If someone has already downloaded the RE/MAX App on their mobile device, their app can still be branded with your Agent information by manually entering your Agent Key into the RE/MAX App.

To manually enter your Agent Key, have your client open the app and select the 3 line menu icon at the top left corner. The bottom menu option will say “Working with a RE/MAX Agent? Enter the Agent Key Provided.” Instruct your client to enter your Agent Key.

Your Agent Key is the portion of your e-mail address that appears before the @symbol.  For example, would have a username of johndoe.

Option 2: Share the Branded App Link

Share your unique link with your customers so they can download the RE/MAX App with your branding already in place!

Consider sharing your unique link with your current sphere of influence via email or on your social network with the links provided on your settings page. Additionally, consider including the link on all of your marketing materials such as your website, email signature, flyers, and anywhere else you promote yourself and your business.

Your unique link is

You can find out more information about the mobile app by doing the following:

  1. Log into Launchpad (
  2. Select the blue 'App Store' button under the MyTools widget (the first widget on your Launchpad)
  3. Once re-directed to the tile view of Launchpad, select the Brand Refresh tile
  4. Select the Marketing Portal
  5. Select Marketing Tools at the top of the page
  6. Scroll down to the Agent Branding section and select the red 'View' button
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