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This article goes over how to use to find for sale and for rent properties, including commercial listings, as well as how to adjust the language and currency. Also covers how to find other RE/MAX agents.


What is is the client facing website that features RE/MAX only listings from around the globe. All listing types, languages, and currencies can be found on the site to accommodate any user’s needs.




Toward the top of the page you will see a search bar. From left to right:

For Sale or For Rent. The default setting is Buy, which will show listings For Sale. Selecting the drop down arrow will provide the option to search for listings For Rent/Lease.


Part of the world. The globe icon will show a map that will help narrow down your search to the part of the world nearest your search.


Once an area is selected, the Map will zoom into that territory, and you can further narrow down your search from there.


From here you can select one last drill down that will populate a key word in the search box toward the top.


Additional options. The gear icon to the right of the Where? bar will drop down additional search options that include: Search by MLSID, Property Type, Number of Rooms, Minimum Price, Maximum price, and Property Category.


Enter the criteria, or select the option under the drop down menu, then select the red Search button toward the bottom right to apply the criteria.


Search. The Magnifying glass icon in red will search based on any current criteria.

Language. To the right of the search Icon is a drop down menu that will allow any user to select the appropriate language to better assist in their search.


Currency. Below the language selection is a currency drop down menu. This will allow the user to view the listings in their own currency.


Gallery. When listings are displayed, the default setting is to show listings in the Gallery view. This will be seen just below the search bar. The number of listings and the order of the listings can be adjust in the upper right corner of the gallery view.


The option to navigate through the pages of listings is toward the bottom of the gallery view. Each listing has the immediate option to save the listing, which generates a lead.


Selecting a listing will generate a preview of the listing that will automatically scroll through the listings photos and provide generally information. There are also several call to action or share options that would generate a lead if selected.


The listing preview provides the options to view the full listing, or navigate to the listing before or after as well.



Map View. When Map View is selected, the user may need to zoom in, or select the listing count buttons to narrow down the results, depending on the search criteria entered.


Once the results are narrowed down enough, the user will need to select a blue or red peg to preview the listing. Within the map view, the preview shows the first listing photo, the address, bedroom and bathroom count and listing price.


The user can select anywhere in the preview to view the full listing view. 

The full listing view will show all the available property details and displays the listing agent with an abundance of lead or call to action options.



Offices & Agents

To search for offices and agents on, select Offices & Agents from the options at the very top.


On this next page, use the search options along the left to narrow down your options.


Once your criteria has been populated, you will see your options appear in the middle of the page. You may find that some regions will direct the user to a regional website.

Toward the top of the results, you can adjust from the default List View to Map View.


Select the profile in the List View or select the balloon icon, then the profile in the Map View to see the agent or office account.


The calls to action or lead triggers will be seen along the left side of the profile. The profile information is from the Membership data base and is updated every other week.

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