Design Center Automation - Post Project to Social Media

These instructions assume you already have a Facebook account. If you do not yet have a Facebook account, visit to sign up.  It is recommended that you create a business page from your personal account so that you can more easily post from Design Center. 

  1. Click on the Facebook icon in the emailss1.png

  2. Click on the "Continue with Facebook" button
    • If you are directed towards a login screen, please log in to your Facebook Account
  3. Proceed through the authorization screens, this will allow Design Center to post to Facebook on your behalf
  4. You can then determine if you want to post to your Business Page, or your Personal Page. **We recommend posting to your Business Page, as this will allow you to boost your post in the future, and it will also save you time. You'll also be able to select which of the automatically generated designs you want to post to your account.ss_2.png

    • If posting to a Business Page, then complete the text that you would like to add, and select the "Post to Facebook" option:ss3.png

    • If posting to a Personal Page, then follow the steps on screen to complete your post:ss4.png

  5. Once you've posted to your Facebook page, we recommend signing into your Facebook account and confirming that your post looks great!ss5.png
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