Design Center - Incorrect Location on Embedded Map

Design templates that include embedded maps are using the Google Maps system to display the embedded map.

If you find that a pin is placed incorrectly for a particular address, you can correct the placement of the pin on the map in your project by utilizing the optional latitude and longitude fields in the design template.

First you'll want to get the latitude and longitude for the correct (or preferred) pin location. To do so:

  1. Keep the property address entered into your project as before
  2. Click here to open in a new tab or window
  3. On the home page at, in the field labeled "Place Name", enter the address of the property, then click the "Find" button (be sure to include the city and the two-letter state or province abbreviation, e.g. Anytown, NY). The map pin shown on will initially be displayed at, or near, the same incorrect location where it appeared in your project
  4. Near the left side of the page, on the resulting map, use the zoom tool to zoom all the way in, so you can accurately reposition the map pin
  5. Click the spot on the map where you want the map pin to appear. The pin will move to the spot you clicked on. The latitude and longitude for the new pin location will be displayed

Note: You must enter both the latitude and the longitude to successfully reposition the pin on the map.

Reminder: After editing a hosted project, you'll need to re-host the project to send your changes to the hosted copy of the project.

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