Importing Listings into the Office LeadStreet Account *US ONLY*

The office IDX Code will need to be entered to ensure that listings are affiliated with the office LeadStreet. Listings must be affiliated with the office before they can be affiliated with the agents LeadStreet account.

To access in LeadStreet, select Listings from your hamburger menu and then Listing Source Setup. 

To add a new feed:

1. On the right side of the page under Quick Actions select Request IDX.

2. Find the MLS feed you would like to set up.

There are additional pages in the bottom left corner of the results of feeds for your region. You can also select to view Search options to search for the feed. *If you cannot find your MLS feed after searching through the list and using the search options, select the 'Click Here' link toward the top of the Resource Center to enter a request for a new feed set up.*

3) When you have found your feed, select IDX-Select to the right.

4) Ensure your contact information is correct and add your office IDX ID, or Broker Code, in the text box to the bottom right. . *** This must be the code associated with your office only. Do not add a code associated with an agent or broker. ***

5. Select the blue Submit button.

6. Complete the instructions in step 3. This will be different for each feed you wish to set up.

7. Return to the Listing Source Set. You should now see your MLS feed set up with your office code.

Within 2-4 hours you should see your listings populate in your office LeadStreet's Listings Manager. You may need to clear your browsing history to ensure you are viewing the most up to date information.


How to Adjust/Update a Current Setup

Should the current IDX code entered for the office need to be updated, please follow the steps at the top of the article to access the Listing Source Setup in the office LeadStreet account.

1. Remove the code from the text box to the right of the appropriate field, under IDX code.

2. Add the new code.

3. Select the check mark icon to the right of the code.  You will need to confirm you wish to modify the current set up.

4. Select Ok. You should now see the code updated.

5. Be sure to select the blue Save Setup button in the upper right corner.

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