Lead Distribution *US ONLY*

When leads are being distributed through the new LeadStreet platform, they will be following the pathway laid out below.


How does zip code distribution work?

Agents will define 10 zip codes that they wish to receive leads from. When consumers inquire about non-RE/MAX listings on, they are distributed to the pool of agents who subscribe to the zip code. By selecting zip codes you are establishing your market area. 

Leads will be offered to one agent in the pool for one hour. If a lead is not accepted within the hour window, a new agent will be added to the lead offer every 15 minutes until the lead is accepted. Leads will expire only during business hours (9am-6pm local time). 


*Please be aware that agents are only allowed to miss 3 consecutive leads before they will be marked as ineligible to receive leads. Agents can be set back to an eligible status through the system if this does occur. 

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