LeadStreet Drip Campaigns

Campaigns are intended to be set per contact, so while there is not a way to add an entire category to a campaign at one time, you can use a category to narrow down your contact list to only show the contacts affiliated with that category.

  • To add a client to a campaign in LeadStreet select Apps, then Contacts.
  • Find the contact you would like to add to the campaign and select the contact's name. (Selecting the contact's email address will direct you to send a one-time email.)
  • Within the contact record, select Campaigns.
  • Locate the campaign in the list you expanded and toggle the campaign On by selecting the button to the right of the campaign.


To edit a campaign:

You may find you want to edit an existing campaign. To do so:

  • Select Apps, then under Email Marketing, select Campaigns.
  • Find the campaign you would like to edit.
  • To the right of the campaign, under the Select an Action drop down menu, select Edit.
  • You will be directed to a page where you can edit the Campaign Name, add a new message, add a message from your message library, or use another message already in the campaign.
  • To edit a letter, select Edit from the Select an Action menu to the right of the letter name.
  • You will be taken to a screen where you can use the editing tools to update the message.
    • The Days After Start Date field determines how many days after a client is added to the campaign they will be sent this letter.
  • Be sure to save your changes by selecting the blue Save Changes button in the upper right corner.


Note: When sending out drip campaigns from LeadStreet the address will be displayed as Your Name <>.  When a consumer reply’s to the email this will change the address to be the primary address from within the Agent Profile in LeadStreet.

There will not be a way to change the outgoing sending address other than on drip email campaigns.

Having one address to send out will help spamming as well as avoiding your email address to be added to black lists when sending out large campaigns.

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