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Contact Info

When editing your profile, you will see a Your Profile menu on the left (you may need to select the Gear icon to the left of About You at the top of the page if you are viewing LeadStreet on a smaller screen to see this menu). Select Contact information.
Contact Information has 4 sections:


Personal Contact Information

This is where you can update your name, title, license #, phone numbers, email addresses, fax number, Website (if you would like your clients to be directed to a website other than the one provided to you through LeadStreet. This will add a link to your LeadStreet website that reads View My Website and links to whatever URL you add in this field.) and your Zillow Screen name.

Be sure to select the red Save button in the bottom right corner to save any changes.


Text Message Settings

If you would like to receive leads via text message, you can set that up here.

Ensure you have turned on the option to Opt In to text messages, and if you have your cell number added under Personal Contact Information, you can enable the option to Use Personal Contact Information mobile phone number.

Be sure to select your correct provider to the right. If your mobile phone provider has multiple options, please contact eCare for help with selecting the correct option. You are also welcome to contact your provider for the correct SMS address as well.


Office Information

This is where you can see your office including the office address. If this information is incorrect please contact eCare.


Password Manager

This is where you can enter a new password to operate with. Be sure to save any edits to your password for the changes to take effect. 

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