Edit Your LeadStreet Profile

The first page displayed after launching your LeadStreet account is the Dashboard. On your Dashboard, select Edit Profile, a blue button just below your name. This will open the Agent Profile page, and will expand the About You section first. You will find everything you need to manage your account settings and personalize your profile with ease.

You will be given the option to change your profile image or toggle through additional options such as:


Select Bio to add the bio and headline that will show on your SPAW.

Not certain what to write? Select Bio Suggestions or Sample Bio in the description at the top of this section for some ideas.


Social Networks

To add your social network links to your website, select Social Networks.

You will see an option to add the URL or handle for the following websites:
   • Facebook
   • LinkedIn
   • Twitter
   • Google+
   • Pintrest
   • Instagram
   • A YouTube video that will show toward the bottom of your SPAW
   • A YouTube Channel link that will show with the other links toward the top of your website
   • Blog
   • Profile


Lead Acceptance

To manage the kinds of leads you would like to receive, select Lead Acceptance.

You can enable your LeadStreet account to receive leads from Your OfficeRE/MAX Channels (this includes, the Mobile app,,, and Your team (if applicable). This is also where you can set up lead forwarding if you would prefer your leads get forwarded to another affiliate in your office- most used by agents on a team with a single lead handler, or agents away on vacation.

Please note: Leads from your Single Page Agent Website,, Lead Gator, and Zillow Tech Connect will always be assigned to you, regardless of these settings. Coverage Areas

One of the benefits of the partnership with, each agent can choose up to 5 coverage areas for leads from This must be a City,State. For further information about how leads on are offered please contact the Homes Support team directly by phone at 866.774.2947 or by email at Zip Codes

These are the zip codes we will use to offer leads. These zip codes are not exclusive, meaning that if there are leads generated in surrounding zip codes, but there are not any agents to offer those leads to, we may need to expand that offer radius to surrounding zip codes. 
The agents who are offered the most leads generally choose 3 or 4 zip codes that have the most listings, or the most activity and repeat those zip codes till all 10 options are used. This is like entering your name in a raffle multiple times, repeating a zip code will increase your chances of getting a lead in that zip code.


Designations & Certifications

This is where you can add your Designations & Certifications that will show on your Profile. For the Designations and Certifications to show on your website through LeadStreet, you will need to update your profile in the Agent/Office portal in MAX/Center.





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