Seller Reports *US ONLY*

Seller Reports are reports to send to a Seller on the activity of their home including homes nearby and activity on this particular property. This report can be sent out monthly to a client within LeadStreet.

To access a report, 

1.Go to Listings in the drop down menu 
2. Find the listing
3. Select the gear-wheel icon in the top-left of the listing thumbnail 

4. Select Homeseller Report
5. Write a message to the client under the Dear section, and add any options available within the editable sections.

• Website Activity will be for the past month unless the Reporting Period is changed at the top of the page.
• Listings near Home can be altered from 1 mile to 50 miles for the particular listing.
• You can then chose to Print the report or Email the report to the Client.


Linking Reports and Clients

You can link a client to a report.

1. In the listing tile, select Link Listing to Seller
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
3. You'll have the option to Link to a Contact as well as Send the Report Monthly.

If you link the report to a client, it will automatically pull that client's email address into the report.


Turning off Reports

1. Click on the listing
2. Go to the Detail tab
3. Scroll down, then select the trash can


These reports will be sent out the first of each month. 

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