Importing Contacts

To Import Your Contacts into LeadStreet:

Download the sample CSV file: csvsample.csv (136 Bytes)

Either update your existing contacts file to match the sample CSV, or copy your contacts from your existing file into the example CSV, then save the sample CSV file to your computer to import.

Note: the success of your import will rely heavily on the integrity of the information in your CSV file. Take the time to ensure the first and last names are in separate columns, that the phone numbers are in the phone number columns, and email addresses are in the email address column. A little time spent making sure your list is set up correctly and the information in the list is accurate will help eliminate issues down the road.


In LeadStreet, select Leads & Contacts from your hamburger menu, then select Setup.

The third section down on this page is where you can Import your contacts. You can select Sample CSV File on this page, or above in these instructions. Once your contacts are in the correct format, select the file type from the drop down menu.

Select the red Choose File button to upload your file.

You can choose a category, and/or a source for your contacts. If you would like your contacts added to a category or source, do so now, there is not an easy way for you to select large numbers of contacts and set this up once imported. 

Select the red Import button to complete the importing process. 


Manually Enter Contacts:

If you only have one or two contacts to add, you may find it much easier to add these manually. In LeadStreet select Leads & Contacts from your hamburger menu, then select Contact Manager.

Toward the top left on this page select the red Add New button.

A name and email address is all that is required to add a contact. You can fill out as many or as few fields as works best for you and your business.


A short video to walk you through the process of importing your contacts can be watched here:

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