Register for a e-mail address

As a RE/MAX agent, you can create a e-mail address.  When you joined RE/MAX you would have received two 'Welcome' e-mails.  The first e-mail would have been from RE/MAX INTEGRA, welcoming you to our network and explaining the tools that we provide to you.  The second e-mail would have been from RE/MAX, LLC, welcoming you to the network and providing you with a link to register for Mainstreet/MaxCenter.  During that registration process you will be given the opportunity to select a e-mail address.

The e-mail feature is owned by RE/MAX, LLC, so your RE/MAX INTEGRA Support Team can only provide very limited support for this feature.  If you need to the e-mail with the registration link re-sent so that you can create a e-mail address, please e-mail or call 1.888.398.7171.

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