Adding Area Pages to your Agent Website *US ONLY*

Create a Hyperlocal Site

Many agents want their sites to be narrowed down to specific cities, neighborhoods or zip codes that they focus on. One way to accomplish this is by adding listing filters and featuring your listings on your home page. Another way is to use Placester's area pages feature to create individual pages for each city, neighborhood or zip code of interest that includes images, descriptions and a list of listings from that area. Then, you can feature all of your areas on an areas page index.


There are two ways to create new area pages.  The easiest way is directly through your Placester Dashboard. Click on Add an Area under quick actions or on Add Areas  



You can also click on edit site under quick actions.  This will take you to the Site Settings menu, where you can see your different editing options on the site. From here, click on the Areas tab.


Add a New Area

Within the Areas tab, click the + sign to add a new Area.

Area Page Editor

This brings you to the Area page editor, which allows you to add a title for the area page, select which type of area you'd like to feature and select the name of the specific area from a list that features all of the MLS data.


Add Slideshow and Full-Width Images

Next, upload a up to 5 slideshow images and a full-width image. You can upload images from your computer using the upload tools:


The slideshow image and full-width image will look like this on the front end of the site. If you have multiple slideshow images uploaded, the slider will automatically scroll through all of the images.

Add Half-Width Images

Next, add two half-width images that will display underneath the full-width image.

They'll look like this on the front end, underneath the full-width image: 

Adding Text

You'll also see options for adding a Headline and Body Copy (1), then two Sub-Heads with Body Copy (2 & 3). Here's what those text fields look like on the front end of the site:

Add an Excerpt and Featured Image 

You can add an excerpt and featured image to each area page you create. This is important for the Area Index page.

View the Front End of Your Area Page

Once you click Save, you'll see the link to the live area page on your site. 

Click the link to view the page: 


Create an Area Index Page

Once you've created some areas, you'll probably want to feature them on the front end of your site. You can create a page that features these areas by going to Create at the top toolbar and click Page.

Within the page editor, do the following:

1. Choose the Areas Index Page Template

2. Add a Title

3. Check off the Areas you'd like to feature on the page (only the areas you've created so far will appear as options)

Front End View

The front end of your Areas index will look like this: 

You can click on each individual area to view the full details.

Adding Your Area Page to Your Menu

To add a page to your menu:

1. Select the page you'd like to add to the menu from the drop down underneath the current menu items

2. Click Add

3. Click Save

Let's say you want to add your Contact page to your menu. Follow the steps below:

Changing the Order of Menu Items 

To change the order of your menu items, drag and drop each item in the spot you want it in.

What is a Tooltip?

The tooltip is the text that will appear when you hover over a menu item. By default, it will be set to the menu label, but there might be cases where you want to adjust the tooltip text.


For example, you could set the tooltip for Listings Search to show "Find your new home." Here is what this would look like on the front end of your site when Listings Search is hovered over:

Creating a Drop Down Menu

To create a drop down menu, click and drag the submenu item towards the main menu item. Drop the submenu item within the main menu item so that it becomes indented. 

For example, this is how to make the Agents page appear as a drop down underneath About. 

Now, Agents appear as a drop down underneath About on the front end.




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