Listing Not Found When Searching By Address - CA ONLY

When a listing is found on by the MLS ID# but is not found when searching by the listing address, then the listing has not been geo-located properly.

This is a common occurrence in locations such as new developments, cottage country, more remote areas, properties that identify with towns or cities, are not located specifically in the town, but close by.

As soon as your listings are available on I recommend checking to ensure your listing have geo-located.  To check to see if your listing is geo-located you would want to follow the below steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the listing by MLS ID#
  3. Select the RE/MAX balloon image at the end of the photo gallery slide
  4. The main photo should then display a map with the location of the listing rather than displaying a photo

If the map is displayed then the listing has been geo-located and it should be searchable without having to use the MLS ID#.  If the map does not display then you will want to geo-locate the listing so that it is searchable.  To geo-locate a listing please complete the below steps:

  1. Log into your LeadStreet
  2. Select the listing
  3. Review the map to determine where the listing should be placed
  4. Right click that spot on the map and select "Yes"

It will take approximately 24 hours for the listing to update with the geo-located information.  


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    Sarah Kiraly


    I cannot narrow down to the city of Ottawa. It narrows down to Canada, but no further. It doesn't show my listing at 9 Castlefield Cres. How do I get my listing on this site?
    Also, in the help centre under Canadian support, when I click on The Remax collection, it says "oops you're not authorized to access this page"
    Why is that?
    I know this isn't the correct department to report the global website problem, but I couldn't find the right place.