Social Media Links - US Only

A common question from agents is, "Why aren't my social media links working when I select them from the 'Update Profile' section of Launchpad?"

The majority of the social media links and the e-mail address that are displayed on this page will not work properly if selected from this page because they are in an 'Edit' status (because you are in the 'Edit Profile' section). The links are displayed there to confirm that you have entered information for each of those social media platforms.

To confirm that your social media icons are working appropriately, you will want to access Mainstreet ( or MaxCenter, select the 'Connect' drop down box, and select 'Find an Agent'. You will then want to search for your name and select your profile from the search results that are displayed. Your social media icons will be displayed on your public profile. Select each of the links and you will be directed to your profile on each of those platforms.

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