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Many agents are asking why their e-mails are being shown as being "From" rather than from their e-mail address.

Thank you for asking about incoming mail from It is legitimate email from a correspondent who uses the same ISP that you use. When you Reply to the email it will go to the original sender.

RE/MAX displays the From address as a way to get your mail delivered in cooperation with an anti-spam measure called DMARC which your ISP implemented.  RE/MAX sent a notice to everyone about DMARC on June 10, and there is a story on Mainstreet educating agents. Here is a direct link.

New Anti-Spam Policies Affect Email

New Anti-Spam Policies Affect Email … implemented tight anti-spoofing policies that affect email delivery across the nation. … recipients from spam and from email addresses being spoofed.

The DMARC anti-spam measure affects millions of email users and billions of email parcels nationwide. RE/MAX and other email service providers are working hard to make sure your email is delivered.


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