Exclusive Listings - CA ONLY

To create an exclusive listing in Dan's account you will want to do the following:

1. Log into Dan's Launchpad account (
2. Select the 'LeadStreet' tile to access Dan's LeadStreet account
3. Scroll down the page and select the blue 'Create Exclusive Listing' box underneath the map
4. Enter all information for each section and then select the blue 'Next' box at the bottom right hand corner to go to the following page
5. Once you get to the 'Verify & Submit' page you will confirm all information is correct and select the 'Save & Submit' option at the bottom of the page
6. The exclusive listing will then be sent your lead coordinator for approval

You may want to reach out to the lead coordinator to let them know you have submitted an exclusive listing for approval. If you are unsure of who your lead coordinator is you can select the 'Preferences' button in the upper right hand corner, scroll down to the 'My Office' section on the lower right hand side of the screen, and you will see 'Lead Coordinator' to the left of the QR code.

The exclusive listing will display on all RE/MAX sites within 24 hours of being approved by the lead coordinator.

For step by step instructions on how to add an Exclusive Listing to your LeadStreet account, please log into your Launchpad account, select the 'RISE' tile, and search for 'How to add exclusive listings to'.

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