Updating Profile

Your Mainstreet profile information is used to help clients or prospects contact you via the network of RE/MAX sites and referral rosters.

To update your profile on Mainstreet:

1. Select the "Your Account" link in the upper right hand corner

2. Select "Profile" 

3. Enter your information. *Note: Fields indicated in bold are mandatory. Your profile changes will not be submitted if they are empty or invalid

4. Select "Request Change" at the bottom of the screen

All changes must be approved by Membership Services before, therefore updates made to your Mainstreet profile will not display instantaneously.  The typical approval process takes 24-48 hours if the request is made during business hours.  

Please watch this video for a step by step tutorial on how to update your Mainstreet profile and Mainstreet profile picture:

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    Martha Hoover

    PLEASE call me. . My WI agent Tracey Gundersen cannot access Mainstreet her Profile. Continues to get https:// error 404. She has sent in ticket for this in July. Never got resolved. Ecare says its a local problem, must work thru Integra. martha 612-382-8051

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    Jimly Harris

    Not helpful--need a ticket placed.

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    Erika Cappa

    Hello Jimly,
    To submit a ticket please select the "Click Here to reach out to a Technology Support Coordinator for assistance" link on, or e-mail