Missing Text From Project

Although your project in Design Center may show there are remaining character counts, all of your text may not appear in the printed project.

A character count is an estimate of the number of characters that can fit in a text box, based on the size of the text box.

Character counts are provided as a general guide to let you know the approximate number of characters that you can include in a text box. We take the total size of the text box and estimate the number of characters that will fit in the box by using average character sizes. If you use characters that are larger than average (e.g. ALL CAPS), fewer total characters will fit in the box.

Remember the following when using character counts:

  • The character count is an estimate, not an exact number. There is no guarantee that the actual number of characters that fit in a text box will be the same as the estimate. 

  • The size of individual characters varies. For this reason, an "i" will use less space than an "M" or "W". 

  • Capital letters take up more space than lower case letters, and will greatly reduce the total number of characters that will fit. Readability studies show that text in all capitals is more difficult to read than text with upper and lower case, so be judicious in using upper case. 

  • A blank line uses up space and reduces the number of characters available. Using line breaks for paragraphs or double-spacing will greatly reduce the number of characters that will fit.

 Always preview your project before publishing or sending to a commercial printer.

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